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Omnipure K2533 Inline Carbon Water Filter
Our Price:$9.99
Save:$5.00 (33%)
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…system that requires a 10 inch x 2 inch filter with 1/4 inch connectors The Omnipure K2533 Inline Carbon Filter reduces chlorine taste and odor from your drinking water. Connector built into the body of the filter. Installation instructions located directly on filter. Quick and Easy installation.…

Supco WF271 Universal Inline Water Filter
Our Price:$11.51
Save:$3.48 (23%)
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…water. The WF271 inline water filter can also be used with coffee makers and other water dispenser applications with 1/4 inch water lines. This filter can replace the Aquafresh WF271. Supco WF271 Water Filter Specifications: Max. Temp.: 100 F Max. Press.: 125 PSI Max. Flow Rate: 1 GPM Capacity:…

Supco WF283 Universal Inline Filter
Our Price:$18.95
Save:$1.00 (5%)
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…Dimensions: 10 inches in length Max. Press.: 125 PSI Max. Temp.: 100 F Max. Flow: 1 gpm Fittings: 1/4 inch push to connect This 10 inch universal inline water filter is comparable to these universal inline filters: AEG Water Filters: DE7098 Amana Water Filters: R0183114 Daewoo Water Filters: DD7098…

Watts AICRO Inline Polishing Water Filter
Our Price:$7.20
Save:$0.50 (6%)
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…reduce the following from your drinking water: Chlorine taste  Chlorine odor    The Watts AICRO Inline Polishing Water Filter comes with built in 1/4 inch FPT connections and is used as a polishing filter in some Watts RO systems. The Watts AICRO product specifications: .5 Micron Rating .5 GPM flow…

Omnipure K2533-SS RO Inline Carbon Filter
Our Price:$11.99
Save:$3.00 (20%)
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…RO Filter: Cubic inch dimension: 18.5 90 degree single female fitting Dimensions: 12 x 40 mesh acid rinsed Filter contains granular activated carbon (GAC) 1/4 inch quick connect fittings for easy installation Omnipure K2500-SS filters up to 1500 gallons or 1 year The Omnipure Reverse Osmosis Inline

Supco WF270 Universal Inline Water Filter
Our Price:$12.99
Save:$5.00 (28%)
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…Micron Rating: 20 micron Dimensions: 6 3/8 inches x 1 5/8 inches  Max. Press.: 125 PSI Max. Temp.: 100 F Max. Flow: 1 gpm Plastic Fittings: 1/4 inches FPT compression (included) This 6 inch universal inline water filter is comparable to inline water filters made by the following brands: AEG, Amana,…

Pentek IC-101L Inline Filter 1/4" FPT
Our Price:$9.15
Save:$0.48 (5%)
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…for the following discontinued filters: Pentek IC - 101 Pentek IC-102 The Pentek IC-101L Inline Water Filter contains coconut granular activated carbon for great tasting water. The IC-101-L installs directly into your water line and makes a great post or polishing filter for your RO system and works…

Whirlpool Inline Water Filter 4392949
Our Price:$12.75
Save:$12.24 (49%)
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…as an inline refrigerator filter to deliver clean and filtered water to your icemaker or refrigerator. The Whirlpool inline filter uses a carbon media to rid your water of the taste and odor of chlorine. Whirlpool inline water filters can be installed easily on to your 1/4 inch refrigerator water…

Everpure IN-15CR Inline Water Filter
Our Price:$49.99
Save:$10.00 (17%)

…Everpure IN-15CR Inline Water Filter produces clean and fresh water for: Espresso Applications This Everpure inline water filter is a 15 inch inline water filter that provides superior "off" odor and taste reduction, along with hardness removal due to the Everpure EV9100-78 Filter's carbon and resin…

Omnipure CL10RO-T33 Inline Water Filter
Our Price:$10.99
Save:$4.96 (31%)
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…located directly on the filter. The CL10ROT33 filter replaces the Honeywell RF-66 inline filter. Omnipure CL10RO-T33 Inline Water Filter specifications 5 micron rating CL10ROT33-B - 1/4 Inch FPT CL10ROT33-C - 3/8 Inch FPT Flow rate: 0.5 GPM Dimensions: 2 inches x 10 inches  1,500 gallon capacity…

Pentek GS-10als Inline Water Filter
Our Price:$10.99
Save:$3.25 (23%)
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…Pentek GS-10als  is NSF certified/ Standard 42 for reduction of the following: Scale Lime Chlorine Taste & Odor Pentek GS-10als Inline Water Filter features 1/4 inch FPT that connect to your water line to provide you with great tasting water. The GS-10-als is NSF Certified & Tested for the removal…

Pentek GS-6SED-5-B Inline Sediment Cartridge
Our Price:$14.99
Save:$4.00 (21%)
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…female pipe thread inline filter measuring 2" x 6" The Pentek GS-6SED-5-B Inline Sediment Cartridge removes sediment and rust from your drinking water, and also reduces bad taste and odor, as well as chlorine taste and odor. This inline replacement filter measures 2 inches by 6 inches, and features…

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